Academic Assessment & Consulting

I help San Francisco parents and students access and navigate public school resources to achieve academic success.
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Aptitude Testing

Aptitude Testing

  • Pre-test consultation
  • Full Range Testing
  • Results & Resource Recommendations
Strategic Academic Consulting

Strategic Academic Consulting

  • Situational Assessment
  • Planning Consult
  • Strategic Academic Plan
Special Needs Advocacy

Special Needs Advocacy

  • Mediation and Facilitation
  • Academic Bureaucracy
  • Parent Groups

Helping your student get support from special needs programs shouldn’t be overwhelming.

We make sense of the academic bureaucracy and guide you to the resources that help your child reach their full potential.

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“Edgar cares about his clients immensely and works to make them feel safe. They know he can be trusted to support them.”

— Stacy Lindsey, School Psychologist.


Aptitude Testing

No single test can fully assess a child’s potential. I’ll determine the best combination of diagnostic tests based on our initial consultation.

  • Pre-Test Consultation
  • Full Range Testing
  • Results & Resource Recommendations

Written report with test interpretation of strengths and weaknesses and how work would proceed to achieve goals agreed upon:

  • Ability Test
  • Written Paragraph
  • Language Test
  • Memory Test
  • Learning Test
  • Vocational Test

Aptitude Tests

  • Wechsler Intelligence Test for Children V
  • Wechsler Intelligence Test for Children IV, Spanish language Edition
  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales
  • Differential Ability Scales 2
  • NEPSY 2
  • Developmental Assessment of Young Children 2
  • Wide Range Achievement of Memory and Learning
  • Test of Auditory Perceptual Skills
  • Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales
  • Adaptive Behavior Assessment System
  • Test of Language Development 4 (Primary and Intermediate)
  • Beery-Buktenica Developmental test of Visual-Motor Integration, 6

Strategic Academic Consulting

Get clear on next steps and resources available. Proceed with a plan to help your child achieve academic success and confidence.

  • Situational Assessment
  • Planning Consult
  • Strategic Academic Plan

Special Needs Advocacy

Aid and mediate communication between families and public agencies. Advocate for student access to available services at school and district level.

  • Mediation and Facilitation
  • Academic Bureaucracy
  • Parent Groups



I have been a credentialed and licensed educational psychologist for nearly 40 years with a focus on childhood academic development. From high school down to the youngest learners in pre-Kindergarten, I believe that all students have talents that can be cultivated to further their education. I strive to help every student develop their unique gifts and reach their fullest potential. My experience includes counseling children on the autism spectrum in residential facilities and working in a number of school districts around the Bay Area. My many years in the system have shown me that understanding and accessing resources can be a boondoggle for families. I hope that my experience can be of help to families and children, offering a bright path forward to academic success.

I hold degrees from SF State, Cal-State East Bay and Stanford University.

Certifications & Training

B.A. Psychology, SF State 1965
M.S. Counseling Psychology and School Psychology Credential, Hayward State 1968
A.M. Anthropology, Stanford University 1971
Completion of the Professional Program in Neuropsychological Assessment, University of California, Berkeley, University Extension, 2007
Bilingual certificate of Assessment Competence, S-21, State of California, Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Continuing Education

  • San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute’s Child Psychotherapy Seminar
  • Summer workshop on testing, California Association of School Psychologists, San Jose, 2008
  • Seminar workshop, Stress, Trauma, and the Brain: How to Assess, Designate, and Serve, Regalena Melrose, Ph.D.
  • How the Brain forms new Habits. Jodie Trafton, Ph.D., Los Gatos, CA February, 2011
  • Law & Ethics and Legally Defensible Practices in Assessment as required for Licensed Educational Psychologist licensing renewal, October 1, 2011, Carl D. Corbin
  • Complex PTSD and Co-Occurring Addictive Disorders, October 7, 2011, Jerry A. Boriskin, Ph.D.
  • Identification and Treatment of Trauma in Early Childhood, November 2, 2011, Julie Stahl, M.D.
  • UC Berkeley School Psychology Conference, March 21, 2014, 2015, 2016. I House, Supporting English Language Learners: Policy Assessment and Common Core
  • San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis, April 13, 2014. Patrick Miller, MD. Windholz Memorial Lecture: The Transformation Process in the Analytic Encounter

“I recommend Edgar’s work without hesitation. He has always been trustworthy, dedicated and intelligent. Edgar is dedicated to the profession of mental health work and improving the lives of everyone he works with.”

— Rey Carr, Psychologist.


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